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In the modern world there is an increased trend of promoting reuse in software via exposing software functions as standard interfaces called APIs. Most cloud as well as SaaS and utility IT applications are made available as APIs and more recently microservices.

APIU – Certified API, REST & Microservices Tester
with Postman or Karate

This course is for testers and practitioners who work with APIs. It provides a comprehensive view of:

  • The different components of API and Microservices testing

  • Relation of MSA (microservices architecture) to API and SOA

  • Different standards for API

  • Test design techniques for API testing

  • Life cycle of API testing techniques including security, load, and interoperability

  • A hands-on view of API testing with popular tools like soapUI and Postman

  • Automation at API testing level

  • Contract First Testing in Microservices

  • Extended Tools for Microservices testing

Brainstorming Session


Take the API United - Certified Certified API, REST & Microservices Tester  (APIU-CARMT)  with Postman or Karate with one of our official training providers.

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Certification Exam

Take the certification exam with our certification body Brightest and become a Certified API, REST & Microservices Tester.


  • At least 2 years of testing experience.

  • Familiarity with Web Applications

  • A basic knowledge of Javascript (highly recommended)

Target Audience:

All testers who are looking to get skilled in testing SaaS and cloud need to get certified on this. Additionally, testers who test web-based applications based on standard interfaces like REST and microservices would highly benefit from taking this course.

  • Functional Testers

  • Test Managers

  • Infrastructure Managers

  • Cloud Architects

  • Performance Testers


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